Antony Petrou:Producer / Director


Convicted Of: Producing and Director

In-prisoned For: Creative Directing

Fav Film: Boogie Nights

Fav Album: Siamese Dream, by Smashing Pumpkins

Fav Book: Closure: a Story of Everything

Fav Comic Book Character: Jessie Custer

Fav Number: 11

Oliver Collins: Director


Convicted Of: Directing, Producing

Fav Film: Bladerunner

Fav Album: Olli Collins – Counting Electric Sheep,

REZNIK – Aquaplane

Fav Book: life of PI

Fav Comic Book Character: Yorick Brown

Fav Number: 11 cos it’s 1 louder

Nick Cavalazzi


Arrested: 2011

Convicted Of: Producing

Fav Film: True Romance

Fav Album: Kraftwerk – The Man Machine

Fav Book: Wu Ming – New Thing

Fav Comic Book Character: Diabolik

Fav Number: 11

Marek Klucar

Arrested: 2013

Convicted Of: Being a Whiz Kid

Fav Film: The Matrix

Fav Album: As Daylight Dies, by Killswitch Engage

Fav Book: Kindle

Fav Comic Book Character: Batman

Fav Number: 1011


Arrested: 2013

Convicted Of: Accounting

Fav Film: Trick ‘r’ Treat – Michael Dougherty

Fav Album: Dookie – Green Day

Fav Book: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,

by Douglas Adams

Fav Comic Book Character: John Constantine

Fav Number: ∞

Fred Portelli

Arrested: 2011

Convicted Of: Music Production

Fav Film: “Mamma Roma” by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Fav Album: “Animals” by Pink Floyd

Fav Book: “The Dance of Reality” by Alejandro


Fav Comic Book Character: Pinocchio

Fav Number: 9

Russel Torode

Arrested: 2013

Convicted Of: Being a DOP

Fav Film: Oldboy

Fav Album: Ready to die, by Biggie

Fav Book: ‘1984’ George Orwell

Fav Comic Book Character: The Joker

Fav Number: 11